The Amazing Turmeric Mask

By In DIY, Featured Guests, Wholesome101 — July 20, 2017

Today we have Micaela, the owner of Olive Bee and Raw Beauty 101, she’s here to share one of our favorite facial masks. This simple and easy to make mask has many benefits for the skin and we absolutely love it. Let us welcome Micaela! All Natural and Healthy Honey Turmeric Face Mask By:…

Eating Your Way to a Healthy Weight Part 2: Reducing inflammation

By In Featured Guests, Wholesome101 — April 25, 2017

Hind, a certified doula, childbirth educator, restorative exercise specialist, and IBCLC, is here to continue covering her three-part series called Eating Your Way to a Healthy Weight. The second part goes in depth about the correlation between inflammation and our overall health, but more specifically the issues that surround weight gain in women. She…

Foods To Fight Inflammation

By In Featured Guests, Wholesome101 — March 29, 2017

I would like to share a brief personal experience about today’s topic. Few years ago, I was leading a life full of stress and devoid of physical activities; that, coupled with a poor diet,  weakened my immune system and I found myself vulnerable to many illnesses. My tired body became slow to heal…

How To Make Gummy Bears

By In Featured Guests, Wholesome101 — March 13, 2017

Ameera, master herbalist, from Traditional Muslimah Homemaker joins us today to talk about why she makes homemade gummy bears for her family and why you should try it too. These gummy bears are delicious and packed with all sorts of goodness that’s good for your health and your wallet.  Many people believe healthy…

For The Sake Of Wholesome Stomach

By In Featured Guests — February 27, 2017

“The human gut contains 10 times more bacteria than all the human cells in the entire body, ” Chris Kresser  wrote “with over 400 known diverse bacterial species.” What does the health of your digestive system tell you about your overall health?  The answer to the question helped me realize what our digestive…

Sabr’s Story

By In Featured Guests, Wholesome101 — January 02, 2017

Before we introduce our next guest. We would like to take a moment to share our personal experience on today’s topic. Growing up, we never paid attention to the food we consumed and not once did we think about what it was doing to our spiritual, psychological and physical well-being. During those days, we were…

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