Wild Rice Salad

By In Wholesome Recipies — November 11, 2016

Today we’ll be sharing how to make vegetarian wild rice salad. It’s simple and quick to make. What we love about this salad is that, it’s full of flavor and and can be very filling. The mixture of the wild rice and the bean blend make this dish taste so delicious. You will…

Stuffed Plantain Bites

By In Wholesome Recipies — November 07, 2016

We love snacks! We are always trying to find ways to make snack time exciting for our hungry kids. These kids get very bored with food, so it’s  important to switch things up for them. Today we’ll be sharing the recipe for stuffed plantain bites. We hope your kids will enjoy this simple snack. Ingredients:…

Butternut Squash Soup

By In Wholesome Recipies — October 26, 2016

Butternut squash soup. One of our favorite soups this time of the year. It is very creamy and comforting to enjoy. This is very quick, easy and delicious recipe. Today we’ll be sharing the recipe for this soup. Ingredients: 1 butternut squash 1 medium onion 1 medium potato 2 carrot 2 celery sticks…

Kimchi Recipe

By In Wholesome Recipies — October 11, 2016

         Khadija and I love experimenting on different types of food. I first learned about Kimchi from watching Korean dramas. Every Korean show I’ve watched had people eating Kimchi. I was so curious about this Kimchi and researched it online. I found out that it was a popular Korean food…

Korean Cucumber Salad

By In Wholesome Recipies, Wholesome101 — October 07, 2016

Korean cucumber salad has easily become one of our new favorite dishes. What’s not to love about this fresh, spicy, sweet side dish? Best of all, it’s super easy to make which makes it perfect for those busy days. I’m sure you’ll be making it over and over again! Here is what you…

Mango Chutney

By In Wholesome Recipies, Wholesome101 — September 30, 2016

         Welcome to our recipe blog! We hope you find our recipe menu full of delicious and healthy meals. Some of the foods that will be featured on here will be globally inspired entrees.  If you love different types of food, you will definitely enjoy our food blog.  Khadija and…

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