Eating Your Way To A Healthy Weight – A Three-Part Series

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Hind, a certified doula, childbirth educator, restorative exercise specialist, and IBCLC, will be joining us to cover a three-part series called Eating Your Way to a Healthy Weight. Living in a world filled with busy days and unhealthy foods, eating your way to a healthy weight can seem like an impossible task, therefore we welcome Hind, to help us learn ways we can achieve and succeed in eating right while maintaining a sustainable weight. 

Eating Your Way to a Healthy Weight – a Three-Part Series


Hind Adeagbo

Choosing the right foods

Most of us have the perception that excess weight comes from excess calories. So typically, if someone wants to lose weight they go on a diet that restricts calories. Sounds simple enough.

But for most, these diets are quite short-lived, followed by a huge binge of the food they deprived themselves of previously.

Others use exercising and training to lose weight. The concept is the same as above, just with a slightly different approach. People run for miles, or have intense workouts of interval training or crossfit in order to maintain their ideal weight.

Depending on the health of these individuals, this over-exercising can create health issues or worsen existing ones. And that’s the opposite of what they’re trying to do!

Over the next three posts we’ll take a deep look into three areas most people overlook when it comes to dieting — and I’ll share my tested strategies for losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

Focus on food quality, not just quantity

The reality is, you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, and calories in don’t equal calories out.

Food does not just give your body nutrients, or calories. Food turns genes on and off in your body, affects enzyme production, and helps to regulate and keep hormones balanced.

Therefore what you eat is as equally important as how much you eat, and in what quantities.

Broccoli has fiber, calcium, protein and phytochemicals, and helps balance blood sugar.

A doughnut has refined flour, sugar and oils, contains very few nutrients, and causes inflammation in the body.

Overall, we want to choose more foods like broccoli that are nutrient-dense, and reduce inflammatory foods that contribute to weight gain, and disease. That means choosing foods that have more nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats on a regular basis.

Super foods to support your weight loss journey

Below are five common nutrient-dense foods that can help support a healthy body and therefore facilitate natural weight loss.

Liver: Liver is high in vitamin A and quality protein, and depending on the animal it comes from it can also have B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium.

Wild Salmon: Although farmed salmon is unhealthy, wild caught salmon is full of omega 3s, which support brain health, and lower inflammation in the body.

Berries: Berries are known for being high in antioxidants. Oxidative stress is associated with most disease states of the body including excess weight. Blueberries contain Vitamin K, manganese, and vitamin C, and many other berries can be a source of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Sea vegetables: Sea vegetables such as kombu can be a great source of added minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium. Added to bone broth, kombu can make a highly nutrient-rich soup to heal the body.

Leafy green vegetables: Swiss chard, broccoli, spring greens, and kale, to name a few, are all examples of leafy greens. Leafy greens are rich in calcium, vitamin C, and many of the B vitamins.

How to prepare your food to increase nutrient density

In addition to making sure you are eating and more nutrient-dense foods i, it’s important to consider the method you use to prepare them.

In her book Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon describes the ancient and common process of fermentation, and explains how these methods were used to unlock minerals and nutrients in foods while reducing anti-nutrients.

So there you have it: start incorporating some of these nutrient-dense foods into your diet, and give fermentation a try—it’s easy to do, and it’ll make you feel great.

And stay tuned for Part 2 of Eating Your Way to a Healthy Weight.  I’ll show you how to reduce inflammation in your body as a further step in balancing your weight naturally.


Author Bio:

Hind Adeagbo is a transformational coach for mothers and women who want to stop putting themselves at the bottom of the list. She helps them heal their bodies, replenish their relationships, and welcome love and abundance back into their lives.

A mother of six, Hind is a certified doula, childbirth educator, restorative exercise specialist, and IBCLC. She’s also is a trainer of breastfeeding counselors and co-founder of a grassroots mother-to-mother breastfeeding support group.

After experiencing a devastating crash to her own health after her last child, Hind retrained as an integrative nutritionist and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, transformed her own diet and lifestyle, and grew a successful transformational coaching business.  

Hind is passionate about helping mothers build optimal health, financial freedom, and happy homes so they can succeed in all areas of their lives. She has educated and supported hundreds of women in their childbearing years, helping them achieve their personal goals related to health, birth, mothering, and business.

Originally from Berkeley, California, Hind moved to the UK in 2002 after getting married.  An aficionado of international travel and culture, she converted to Islam as a student in Cairo, Egypt, in 1995, and later spent nine years living abroad with her family in Saudi Arabia.  While in Saudi she founded Riyadh’s first farmer’s market, which is still running today as a local wellness fair. Hind currently runs a membership site, Healing With Hind, where she teaches, coaches and supports women in achieving their personal, relationship, business and health goals.

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