Eating your way to a healthy weight Part 3: Restoring digestive health

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Today Hind is here to complete her series of “Eating your way to a healthy weight.” She will be sharing a program that will help us jump start our metabolism and ways you can sustain your weight loss journey. Welcome Hind.

Eating your way to a healthy weight Part 3: Restoring digestive health


Hind Adeagbo

In my last two articles, Eating Your Way to a Healthy Weight – a Three-Part Series and Eating Your Way to a Healthy Weight Part 2: Reducing inflammation, I’ve been building the case for deep dietary and lifestyle changes for sustainable weight loss, rather than simple dieting. If you missed them, you can check out my advice on introducing super foods into your diet, and tackling inflammation — both essential for long-term success.

A final point to consider with weight loss resistance is gut and digestive health. Due to our widespread use of antibiotics, prescription drugs, vaccines and poor diet, most people have sustained some sort of damage to their gut. Your gut is one cell thick and protects the body from incoming pathogens and toxins while aiding the body in breaking down food and using the raw materials to support and rebuild your health.

When the gut gets damaged, a condition commonly known as leaky gut occurs, causing inflammation in the body.

In addition, our microbiome is a combination of organisms such as bacteria, fungi, archaea and viruses. These bacteria produce vitamins and neurotransmitters, and aid our body in digesting food. Some bacteria in our gut is pathogenic, which is fine, as long as the body stays in the right balance. But when the gut is damaged, many of the beneficial bacteria are destroyed, leaving a fertile ground for candida and other bacteria, fungi and parasites, which can become more active.

Some microflora in the gut drive food cravings in the body, and if they’re imbalanced they can cause increased weight gain. So if someone is having a difficult time losing weight, a shift in gut flora may be just what is needed for support. The great news is that studies have shown that micro-flora in the gut can be shifted in just six days through dietary changes. Pretty awesome!

By starting with simple dietary shifts and changes, supporting digestion and healing the gut, one will automatically begin to reduce their toxic load, support the body’s own natural detoxification system, and increase nutrient absorption. This helps the body heal.

To recap, losing weight and healing your body is about more than diet: for sustainable weight loss, you must create healthy eating and living habits to support your goals.


Ready for lasting change?

If you’ve been following this series, you’re probably already added some nutrient-rich foods into your diet, and begun working towards reducing inflammation in your body. This is huge!

But you may be looking for an overarching strategy. A plan.

I usually recommend starting with a 30-day Paleo reset. This diet reset will help you get off inflammatory foods, eat more nutrient-dense foods, stabilise your blood sugar, and start to rebalance your hormones. To learn more about this go to the live video section at members and search for Benefits of a 30-day Paleo reset.

It can be very encouraging to know you can make profound changes in your body, weight, and health just by changing the foods you eat on a regular basis.

If you’re new to this type of lifestyle and have a diet high in processed and artificial foods, a 30-day reset may seem daunting to you. Making small changes can have equally transformative effects. This could include drinking more water, eating more vegetables and fruits, and using ghee to cook your food instead of vegetable oil.

I also encourage you to begin deconstructing the thoughts and beliefs behind the habits that created your current situation. Are you eating certain foods for comfort? Are you currently unhappy with your life and using food as a bridge to regulating your emotions?

If you’ve been “big” your whole life, there’s an element of self-love and acceptance required no matter what dietary and lifestyle changes you make. Diet and lifestyle changes alone usually don’t confer lasting results.

All of these areas need attention if you want to create a body, mind, and life that you are happy with. Use the momentum of the dietary changes to gain further traction in your quest of stabilising your weight, health and peace of mind.

Personal Reflection and Implementation Plan.

Alhamdulilah, I’ve covered above some reasons why you may be experiencing difficulty with losing weight.

What are some new insights gained, information learned, and new perspectives you have about your weight loss journey?

What area(s) are of more concern to you?

Where do you feel you would like to begin your journey in adopting new lifestyle habits?

If you’d like support with the steps I have outlined above, and if you’re ready to create permanent and lasting weight loss, please check out my program 100 Days of Healing, available on the Healing With Hind membership site.


Author Bio:

Hind Adeagbo is a transformational coach for mothers and women who want to stop putting themselves at the bottom of the list. She helps them heal their bodies, replenish their relationships, and welcome love and abundance back into their lives.

A mother of six, Hind is a certified doula, childbirth educator, restorative exercise specialist, and IBCLC. She’s also is a trainer of breastfeeding counselors and co-founder of a grassroots mother-to-mother breastfeeding support group.

After experiencing a devastating crash to her own health after her last child, Hind retrained as an integrative nutritionist and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, transformed her own diet and lifestyle, and grew a successful transformational coaching business.  

Hind is passionate about helping mothers build optimal health, financial freedom, and happy homes so they can succeed in all areas of their lives. She has educated and supported hundreds of women in their childbearing years, helping them achieve their personal goals related to health, birth, mothering, and business.

Originally from Berkeley, California, Hind moved to the UK in 2002 after getting married.  An aficionado of international travel and culture, she converted to Islam as a student in Cairo, Egypt, in 1995, and later spent nine years living abroad with her family in Saudi Arabia.  While in Saudi she founded Riyadh’s first farmer’s market, which is still running today as a local wellness fair. Hind currently runs a membership site, Healing With Hind, where she teaches, coaches and supports women in achieving their personal, relationship, business and health goals.

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