How To Make Gummy Bears

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Ameera, master herbalist, from Traditional Muslimah Homemaker joins us today to talk about why she makes homemade gummy bears for her family and why you should try it too. These gummy bears are delicious and packed with all sorts of goodness that’s good for your health and your wallet. 

Many people believe healthy products are bland, fortunately, that’s not the case for these products. We are very glad that she shared the recipe to these delicious gummy bears and we hope you also enjoy making it for your families. Please let us welcome Ameera!

Homemade Gummy Bears

By: Ameera Rahim

Yes, you read that correctly! Homemade gummy bears! It is easier than you think. We live in a society where we are being offered so much unhealthy foods and junk, that it’s almost as if we are being bombarded and pressured to partake in it. From television ads “have it your way” and in the checkout aisle of the grocery store, there is candy right in your face and your child’s face. There has to be a healthier alternative! And there is!

While on my journey to complete healing (I am a new widow, as my husband has passed away in December of 2016, may Allah have mercy on him ameen ameen), I am taking my whole being into the healing process, because I am a whole person. I am working on healing in every area, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual– as they are all intimately connected. On my health journey, I am looking to make better choices. That does not mean, I do not have sugar cravings, because,I do! I am always wanting to reach for foods that aren’t even really “food”. I had to make some changes!

So you’re probably saying, “Okay okay Ameera, what healthy choices do we have?!” We will get to that.

I loved gummy bears growing up mashaAllah! I remember running to the store with my twin sister and purchasing some with my other favorite childhood treats. Now that I am older and learning more about eating better, I want to make better choices. I always wanted to make gummy myself. I decided I would try it out. Couldn’t be hard right? Right!

You might be asking: Why make your own gummy bears? If you look on the back of a pack of gummy bears from your local store, they are made of things you do not want in your body, for starters there are dyes in it such as Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 5, then there is Corn Syrup, and more. Making your own gummy bears is easy and consist of 3 main ingredients and the rest are optional. You can enjoy this, without the dyes and unhealthy ingredients.

For these gummy bears, you would need:

Beef Gelatin (Kosher Gelatin)- What are the benefits of gelatin? Well it is said to support nail, hair, and skin growth and is said to be good for the joints. It is also said to be good for teeth , digestion and more. You can use the gelatin for a thickening agent, for homemade marshmallows and other treats. The kind of beef gelatin we use is an all-natural, grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle hides, no preservatives, certified kosher, gluten-free, ractopamine-free, rBGH-free . It is available on Amazon.

100% Juice/ Elderberry syrup/ Lemon Juice- You can make this an immune boosting treat and use elderberry syrup (the recipe would be a bit different though, and not the same as this recipe, but can be used with changes). It is very easy to make your own elderberry syrup. For this recipe you can simply use a 100% juice that has no added sugar. We used cherry juice, and also lemon juice.

Honey- because this requires a bit of warming, you could use something like stevia instead, because I know many people do not like warming their honey, even for a little bit.


Probiotics- good for your digestive system. There are quite a few ways to add more probiotics in your life! Either kefir, sauerkraut, kvass, and there are other ways to include it in your meals, even making your own ginger ale. It is really easy to do, and all it requires is consistency. Probiotics are live bacteria that is said to be good for your health. Yes alive!! They help keep your tummy nice and healthy. If you like to make yogurt, you can also add probiotics to it as well.

Various vitamins- You can kick this recipe up a notch by adding vitamins, some people have used Vitamin C. I would look around and check out various recipes, to get ideas and really have fun with this recipe.

How do you make these delicious gummy bears?

1 cup of fruit juice (no sugar dded) (we used 100% cherry and also used lemon juice too)

8 tsp beef gelatin (kosher) ( )

2 tbsp honey (use can also stevia, and we still liked how it turned out too with the stevia, we put a little of it– did not measure that amount)

It is up to you to add the vitamin of your choice.. I added probiotics (you do not have to use it)

Once you have your ingredients together, use your saucepan, and basically lightly warm your ingredients together until the gelatin dissolves. At the end add vitamins or probiotics (FYI: I waited until it was cool enough, to add the probiotics, you do not want the heat to kill them, so I really pushed the limit in waiting until it was cool enough to add) and then quickly use your droppers and put the mixture in the gummy bear molds, next put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes inshaAllah. It was such a hit with the children and really took no time to make mashaAllah! The gummy bear molds we used were also purchased on Amazon.

It is very much so worth the time to make our own healthy snacks. These gummy bears can be easily made when the little ones are asleep and can be ready for school lunches the next day, and make for a not so messy road trip snack when you are on the road. 

We will be making them more often inshaAllah.

Author Bio:
Ameera Rahim is the mom of 7 blessings, she can be found blogging at Traditional Muslimah Homemaker. She spends her time homeschooling, and teaching herbalism. She is the author of several books, her latest book is with her late husband (May God have mercy on him ameen) on Beneficial Herbs For Believing Women. She can be reached at


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    March 13, 2017

    Wow thanks for sharing will try it out with my children they love anything candy related

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    March 13, 2017

    Wow wow wow! My sister loves Gummy bears. Is there a way yo make them with more vitamins like the chewy vitamins. These look perfect and cute!

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    March 14, 2017

    oooh These look CHEWYLICIOUS…Love it. Simple and Easy, definitely worth trying out. Thank You for sharing.

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    Zainab Dokrat

    March 15, 2017

    omw this looks yummy! Great especially if you cannot find halal sweets locally

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    March 16, 2017

    i have seen her posting about the gummy bears for a while but finally got my hands on the recipe! Thank you!

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    March 18, 2017

    Asalaamu alaikum sister, mashaa Allah these look absolutely delicious! I think I am going to enjoy your blog, it sounds like just the subject that I am quite passionate about – looking after the whole self. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, inna illahi wa inna lilayhi raji’oon. May Allah forgive all of his sins and grant him Jannah, ameen <3

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    Sara Saleh

    March 18, 2017

    Aw mashallah brilliant! My children will love these. I attempted to make similar with orange juice and they didn’t taste very nice lol I will try with stevia or honey next time!

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    Yousra Naeem

    March 18, 2017

    Oh wow interesting 😍
    Totally loved the recipe.

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    March 22, 2017

    woww thats lovely and easy too

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