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By In Featured Guests, Wholesome101 — January 02, 2017

Before we introduce our next guest. We would like to take a moment to share our personal experience on today’s topic. Growing up, we never paid attention to the food we consumed and not once did we think about what it was doing to our spiritual, psychological and physical well-being.

During those days, we were mainly eating junk and processed food. These choices led us to diseases that were linked to lifestyles. We later learned how to read labels, where our food was coming from, and how it was being processed, etc. Doing this wasn’t easy; we were constantly fighting off our yearnings. We learned then that patience curbs desires. Our struggle with food helped us become determined in fighting off our cravings and our illness helped us get closer to our Creator. We made sacrifices that allowed us to leave behind our old lifestyle and build a healthier one. We believe through patience you can discover health and vitality. We welcome Sabr_magazine and we are very happy to have her here.

As Salam Aleykum!

In 2014,  I started Sabr_Magazine after going through many trial and tribulations, which forced me to change my lifestyle. Prior to this point, I had lived a life with light in my heart, whilst flirting with darkness. Something that is very common for those of us who have grown up in the West.

To elaborate, I grew up in a household that prioritized culture over religion. This meant that Islamic values were mainly obtained from the local Quran teacher, who would slap us whenever our Quran repetition was off key. Needless to say, I spent the rest of my life trying to understand our beautiful religion, while I was wrapped in fear and rebellion. As a result, one can say that I have experienced many of the modern problems we have in the Western world today, whether it’s complexities with eating, mental health, and/or relationships. In fact, walking blindly in this life will have you continuously entering a beautiful illusion, only for it to turn into a nightmare rather quickly. This was my life until many of my life experiences, helped me separate truth from falsehood. I understood that the beauty in life is choice, and many of the doors we choose to walk through look enticing, but they cover our souls with dark spots until our inner-life feels tight, and our outer life becomes harsh. And the longer you stay in the quicksand the further down into the sand you are sucked until you disappear. Nevertheless, we love chase to the glitter. Maybe it’s a strict upbringing that makes us feel that we are missing out on something, or perhaps it’s the billions that are spent in advertising, catering to our blind desire to compete with each other in wealth, fame and/or beauty. And the saddest part is that many of us willing to downgrade our souls, in exchange of upgrading our social status.

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This is where the truth is clear from falsehood. Fixing your inner life will have profound affect on your outer life. Islam is not only a complete guide to life, but the Quran calls the believers to chose the door of success, both in this life, and in the hereafter. As opposed glitter that evaporates into false promises, real and lasting success is covered in tawakkul, sabr, goodness, and hard work.

As perfectly stated in this hadith:

Abdullah bin Mas’ud (radi Allahu anhu) said: “By the One besides Who none is worthy of worship, the believer is not given anything good better than his good expectations of Allah, and by the One besides Who none is worthy of worship, no servant of Allah expects good of Him except that Allah gives him what he expected, since all good is in His Hand.” [Husn adh-Dhann bi Allah]

With Sabr, you can and you will reach your goal In Shaa Allah. But, there will come a day when you will witness that those who chosen the easy and wrong path will drown in misery. However, those who have chosen the difficult, but right path, will be released into eternal bliss.

I chose the latter, and I invite you to do the same.

Sabr is a digital strategist as a profession, with a masters in digital service design. You can find more of her work at @sabr_magazine.


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