Wild Rice Salad

By In Wholesome Recipies — November 11, 2016

Today we’ll be sharing how to make vegetarian wild rice salad. It’s simple and quick to make. What we love about this salad is that, it’s full of flavor and and can be very filling. The mixture of the wild rice and the bean blend make this dish taste so delicious. You will love the leftovers because the longer it sits the more the flavors develop. You can also enjoy this salad as a filling for a vegetarian burrito or any type of wraps.



I cup wild rice

1 cup bean blend



4-5 Black olives

Dressing (EVOO, lemon and salt)



We love this salad. We can never get bored of it. For the bean blend, we used the European Specialty: Heirloom Bean Blend. It has beans, peas, and lentils. For the wild rice,  we used the Organic Harvest Medley, which is a mixture of CalMati brown rice, wild rice sweet brown rice and Heirloom red rice. To get started, you will need a medium mixing bowl. Add the cooked rice, cooked bean blend, tomatoes (cut them into small pieces), cilantro and the black olives in the bowl. Mix all the ingredients together. To make the dressing for the salad, you will need a small bowl. Add about 3-4 tablespoon of EVOO, 2 big lemons and salt to taste. Add your dressing into the salad. Mix it well so everything is coated evenly.  There you have it. Your vegetarian wild rice salad is done.

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